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Chinese herbs measured for a decoction.

Chinese herbs measured for a decoction.


Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tuina

The Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tuina programmes run by the college are at postgraduate level only and are thus suitable for fully qualified Acupuncturists or Practitioners of Acupuncture TCM who wish to extend their range of therapeutic options to include, for example, the full range of Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments.

Master and Doctor of Chinese Medicine Degrees specialising in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine(CHM)is one of the specialisms available on the postgraduate degree programmes run in collaboration with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Those with a Diploma in CHM, as described below, or equivalent, will be eligible to opt for this area of specialist study and research within the 2 year Master Degree or 3 year Doctoral Degree programmes.

Please go to the Master degree or Doctoral Degree web-page for further information.

Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine employs the same diagnostic methods as other types of TCM and, rather than using pre-sterilised disposable Acupuncture needles to provide the treatment, it uses Traditional Chinese Medical ingredients such as roots, leaves and flowers which are combined according to classical Chinese Prescriptions to treat the patient/client's condition.

The postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine - Dip.CHM is a part-time programme, run at our college in Dublin, which provides theoretical, practical and clinical training in CHM which is normally run over two calendar years. Attendance is required for approximately 3 or 4 days every 2 months.

To receive a full Dip.CHM prospectus pack when the dates for the next Diploma course have been set please register your interest in this course.

The Dip.CHM is open to qualified Acupuncture/TCM practitioners. For more online details of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Postgraduate programmes click here.

Graduates who have completed the Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicines, and passed the required assessments and examinations, are entitled to use the designatory letters Dip.CHM. Those who are members of the Professional Register of TCM have insurance cover for their practice of CHM.

Tuina is part of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme

Tuina is a Chinese Medical Massage specialism which would commonly take 3-5 years to complete in China. The college offers short introductory weekend workshops to enable qualified TCM practitioners to become familiar with the basics of Tuina.

Longer courses in China can be organised by us, subject to demand, and such approved courses would provide the basis for insurance cover for PRTCM members.

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  • Licentiate in Acupuncture TCM
  • Postgraduate

  • Masters Degree in TCM
  • Doctoral Degree in TCM
  • Medical Qigong
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Open Courses

  • Health Giving Qigong

  • A postgraduate student measuring herbs for a prescription.

    A postgraduate student measuring herbs for a prescription.

    Chinese herbal prescriptions prepared to be dispensed.

    Chinese herbal prescriptions ready to be dispensed.