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Postgraduate Acupuncture seminar in Dublin.

Postgraduate Acupuncture seminar in Dublin.


Postgraduate courses for Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners

The ICTCM provide a wide range of postgraduate Acupuncture, Medical Qigong and Chinese Herbal Medicine designed for practising Acupuncturists and TCM professionals, living in Ireland and other parts of Europe and the world.

The Certificate and Diploma courses are modular, part-time and flexible in nature, designed to meet the needs of busy practitioners and to minimise disruption to their private medical practices. Dublin is well served with international flights and most of the courses are designed so that overseas postgraduate students (or those in distant parts of Ireland) should be able to fly into Dublin on a Friday morning and fly out again on a Sunday evening.

The TCM postgraduate specialisms include:

Postgraduate levels and course duration

  1. Professional Certificate, part-time 1 year Programme.
  2. Professional Diploma, part time 2 year Programme.
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - normally 1 or 2 day workshops
  4. Master of Chinese Medicine Degree (with GUCM) - full time or part time 2 years
  5. Doctor of Chinese Medicine Degree (with GUCM) - full time or part time 3 years

Master of Chinese Medicine and Doctor of Chinese Medicine

These post-graduate degree programmes are run jointly with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM). The Degree "Master/Doctor of Chinese Medicine" will be conferred by Guangzhou University of TCM and the Ministry of Education of China. According to the agreements in place between, for example, Ireland and China and the UK and China, this Masters degree qualification will be fully recognised in Ireland and the UK and most other European countries.Read more »

The courses are taught in English and are based mainly at the ICTCM, in Dublin Ireland. Students attend the University in Guangzhou for approximately one block of between 5 and 10 days per academic year.

For details of the Doctoral and Masters Degrees, visit the relevant pages: Masters Degree in TCM and Doctoral Degree in TCM.

Contact the College if you would like to receive further details of the Masters and Doctoral degree programmes.

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Postgraduate Training in Medical Qigong (MQG)

In addition to the Degree programmes described above, there are two postgraduate programmes in Medical Qigong.

The new Prospectus Pack in Qigong and Medical Qigong is now available.

» The Postgraduate Certificate in MQG (Cert.MQG)

The Postgraduate Certificate in MQG (Cert.MQG)

The Cert.MQG includes theoretical study and practical training. Assessment includes practical and clinical competence in Medical Qigong. The Certificate in Medical Qigong course permits and augments the TCM treatment of "common illnesses" using Fa Gong method.


» The Postgraduate Diploma in MQG (Dip.MQG)

The Postgraduate Diploma in MQG (Dip.MQG)

The Dip.MQG is a two-year part-time programme which permits and augments (subject to the practitioner's own level of health, well-being and Qigong practice) the TCM treatment of "serious diseases" using Fa Gong method. The first year of the Dip.MQG is identical to the Cert.MQG. Students who enrol for the Cert.MQG and successfully complete it may, at that stage, choose to enrol for the second year, to complete the Diploma course.

The training programmes for both the Certificate and Diploma courses are based on Qigong Master Professor Xia's many years of experience of Qigong practice and his systematic development of Qin Ta Q Gong (Science of Potential State Qigong). More information can be found on the Qigong page.


» Continuing Professional Development(CPD)in Medical Qigong

Continuing Professional Development(CPD)in Medical Qigong

The hidden treasures of Qigong are said to include not only improvement in health, vitality and recuperative power but also in happiness, longevity, beauty, refinement and spiritual development. Thus, practitioners of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine often avail of training in Qigong in order to enhance their own health and improve their practice of their current TCM specialism/s.


Postgraduate Training in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Other than the Degree programmes, the main study option in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is the Diploma in CHM which is run in the same way as the similar level programme in MQG. Read more »

At the end of the 2 year part time Diploma in CHM students are qualified to dispense a wide range of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions in Sheng Yao (Raw Herb) formulation (as a decoction) as well as in tincture or powder formulations and are qualified to tailor-make the prescription to fit the client. Students will learn about making up and dispensing "prepared medicines" for their own clients.

For more information about the Diploma and CPD in Chinese Herbal Medicine contact the College.

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CPD programme

Several postgraduate study options are offered to ICTCM graduates and other suitably qualified practitioners, to enable practitioners to continually update their skills and knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

The nature and content of the CPD programme varies from year to year and practitioners are also invited to suggest topics or areas for professional development which they are particularly interested in pursuing. A wide range of topics have been covered over the years and many eminent speakers have graced us with their presence.

For a list of visiting speakers click here

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  • Licentiate in Acupuncture TCM
  • Postgraduate

  • Masters Degree in TCM
  • Doctoral Degree in TCM
  • Medical Qigong
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Open Courses

  • Health Giving Qigong
  • Students of a postgraduate seminar in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

    Students of a postgraduate seminar in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

    Postgraduate students learning to measure Chinese raw herbs.

    Postgraduate students learning to measure Chinese raw herbs.